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Trusted Pet Websites

Here you will find a small list of trusted pet website which we recommend whether you are
looking to buy a pet or simply wanting to find a pet service.

Mypetzilla - Pets For Sale


This is a lovely family run pet classifieds website full of gorgeous puppies and dogs for sale, adoption and stud. Definitely a site you can trust!

MyLocalPets - Per Services Directory


Great website if you are looking for Pet Services or a Pet Businesses near you, from Dog Walking, Dog Grooming, Vets to Boarding Kennels and Pet Shops.



If you are planning on getting pet insurance we would definitely recommend you visit PetPlan to see what they can offer you as a new puppy owner.

Where to find puppies

Here you will find a list of website where you can find pets for sale, pets for adoption or general pet advice

Puppies For Sale UK

Find a wide range of puppies, dogs, cats, fish and rodents for sale

Pet Advice

Find pet advice and information about pet health

Dog Breeds

Find all the information you will need about each dog breed

Pet Insurance

Most cost effective pet insurance

Pets for Adoption

Give a pet a new loving home

Pets for Stud

Find all sorts of lovely pets for stud

Buying a Puppy?

Well here are a few pointers for you to consider when buying a puppy.

  • Why are you buying a puppy?

    You need to ask yourself why you want a puppy? Puppies grow up at a really fats pace and they will be part of your family for at leat ten to 15 years

  • Please make sure to Microchip

    By law it's now compulsory to have your dog microchipped and you can go here to get all the info you need as a one stop shop for everything. - Chip it Check it

  • Take pet nutrition seriously

    Make sure to research your puppies nutritional needs according to the breeds requirements to make sure it sustains a healthy lifestyle.

  • The fun part - Training & Exercise :)

    A healthy training session is a must to keep your pup entertained and start understanding their boundaries. While training is important we must also not forget the exercise requirements, but please make sure not to over do it as the puppy is still growing and needs a good rest.

  • Enjoy being
    a puppy
    owner :)

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